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"I am a woman,

Enjoying the Splendor of my Winter.

I am fully seasoned from my journey’s thru Spring, Summer, Fall.

Spicy with Love Joy Sorrow Pain Sacrifice Passion and a pinch of Hope.

Although I have earned no pedigree in the World of Art, I shall fear not. As life has proven a great Teacher, and I have many lessons learned

I thank GOD for blessing me the gift of creativity and even more for the passion and courage he has given me to push forward.

This is the first of All my seasons lived, that I’m doing something purely for my own selfish pleasure. I Love painting, it’s new and exciting as my journey continues.

My Art is an expression of myself…my mood…my love of bright color..and my love and respect for the women who came before me, the women who are relevant and very present, and to those who will be The Future. I look to Inspire and to find inspiration.

Yes I’m aware, I no Picasso, but I truly put my whole heart and Soul in every brushstroke."


Carletta "Breezie" Bennett


Artist Statement


Beyond Infinity
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